Wetlands Ireland


The Ecology page on wetlands.ie will be the most dynamic one. We will only present a little ecological information on the page at any one time, but we will update and change that information every couple of months, so little-by-little you can learn something new and interesting about the types of plants and animals that live in the small freshwater wetlands. Use the list on the left of the pages to filter through the information.

Older content from this page is stored in the “Archive” pages (on the left of the pages). As things go in the countryside today, with most of the land given over to agriculture and mono-culture (where only one particular type of crop is grown in the fields at any one time) the small wetlands are ecologically relatively very busy places. Lots of birds, mammals, insects and amphibians live around, or in the wetland or in the brush, bushes and trees around the edges of the wetland. The plants that live in and around the small freshwater wetlands are adopted for life in wet and semi-wet environments. Some grow on the damp margins of the wetland, being able to tolerate times when they and their roots are submerged; for example, after heavy rainfall or in the wintertime when water levels tend to be higher. They must also be able to tolerate times when the weather is dry and must be able to survive for short periods of time without ready access to water.

Luckily, in Ireland, because of our temperate and damp climate, the dry spells are usually short and infrequent.